Thinking of selling a home? You have over 700 Realtors to choose from in the Peoria area alone, here’s why you should interview Chris Marek to be your agent.

First, what is the definition of agent?  Your agent’s job is to represent you.  The State of Illinois states in the Real Estate License Act of 2000 that your agent is to “promote the best interest of the client”.

1. Chris Marek gives potential clients his best commission rate upfront.  Is it in your best interest to try to charge you more, then negotiate?

2. Say “NO” to Dual Agency! Chris won’t ask you to sign a Dual Agency Disclosure.  This Disclosure states that Dual Agency creates a “Conflict of Interest”.  By signing this form, you are waiving much of your representation should a Dual Agency situation arise.  Chris represents you from start to closing of your transaction.

Why do Realtors charge so much, and where does that money go?

Generally, commission is expressed as a percentage of your selling price.  There are 2 fractions to the commission a seller pays at closing: a fraction to the Seller’s Realtor (aka Listing Agent) and a fraction to the Buyer’s Realtor (aka Buyer’s Agent, but sometimes called the Selling Agent).  I sometimes discount my portion, but NOT the commission to the Buyer’s Realtor.  THIS IS IMPORTANT because discounting the fraction that goes to the Buyer’s Realtor creates a financial incentive for them to say bad things about your property – you want them to SELL (say nice things about) your property.

Commission Splits

I serve the Tri-County area, and most properties for sale in this area & price bracket offer the Buyer’s Realtor 3.0% to 3.5% and as stated above we don’t want to lower that because it would make it harder to sell your house.  So before I make a dime I have to charge you 3.0%.  I need to make some money also, and the amount over 3.0% is what goes to me and the company I work for.  If you are making a local move and I represent you in the purchase of your next property, I am willing to discuss a larger discount, call me for details.  (You pay no commission until closing).  Call me to discuss your situation, and I’ll give you the lowest commission percentage I can.

The First Step

The first step is a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) for your property.  During this process you and I look at photos/dimensions for comparable active, pending and SOLD property to determine what we think your final selling price will be.  We also look at stats to see how long it takes to sell, based on the averages.  And I’ll show you how much it costs, as there are other closing costs when selling (but NO additional fees to me).  During the CMA I will also show you how I market your property.  Please call or email me today for your No-Pressure CMA.

My cell is 309-696-5447, I hope to hear from you.